What's the difference between the ever popular BOSS 2 (B.O.S.S. II) Body Orifice Scanner and the all new BOSS 3 (B.O.S.S. III) recently released. From the outside they both look the same...What's the difference?

While the exterior appears the same, the new BOSS III technically has a few less components and performs its duties over three (3) scan zones instead of five (5) scan zones as with the top of the line BOSS II unit. This doesn't make it any less effective where it counts, just more affordable for those corrections departments working with a lower budget. With the overwhelming popularity of the BOSS II and its clean body style, the new BOSS III replaces its "Standard BOSS" (2 scan zone) predecessor with fresh body style and an extra scan zone (3 total) for the 2008 model year.

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