Intelliscan WTMD model selection?

Q: How do we select which Walk Through Metal Detector | WTMD is appropriate for our needs?

A: As you can see, our Intelliscan WTMD's come in four (4) different models and range from a 2-zone scan capability to 33-zones. There is no right or wrong model. Aside from budget concerns, customers usually base their selection on the volume of people to be screened and the time limit to accomplish this, if any.

The lower Intelliscan economy model will alert on metal contraband, however it only breaks the scan zone into 2-zones for the security personnel to zero in on manually. If you need to scan large lines of people, a higher 6, 18 or 33-zone model may be more appropriate. This will give your security personnel the advantage of pinpointing the contraband location on the target via an on-board visual readout.

EXAMPLE: If your using an 33 zone WTMD unit and a target walks through with a weapon secured to their ankle...the unit will not only alert, but will also pinpoint on a visual grid where to look for the weapon. The lower economy model will only tell you top or bottom half of the body, then it's up to your security personnel to manually pinpoint the location via pat down or hand held metal detector (HHMD) scanner, etc...

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