Need a quotation (RFQ) prior to placing an order?

Many customers inquire regarding a written product quotation to submit for budget approval when shopping for new equipment. We are happy to offer FREE quotations on any of our products within 24 hours for domestic delivery and 48 hours for international. Price quotes for our premium security equipment are given top priority and are generally delivered the SAME DAY as received.

For the following specialty products, please click the associated link below to be redirected to appropriate microsite and respective request for quotation (RFQ) form:

  • BOSS | B.O.S.S. - Body Orifice Scanner Chairs... more >>

  • MEDISCAN - Medical Loss Prevention Scanner... more >>

All other RFQ inquiries can be submitted via a standard support ticket by clicking here. For the fastest results, please specify the following information:

  1. Product and/or Model Name? example. 33-zone Walk-Thru Detector

  2. Quantity Needed? example. 4

  3. Delivery Deadline (if any)? example. July 10, 2017

  4. Target Budget (if any)? example. $14,500.00 USD

  5. Purchasing Contact Name + Email?

  6. Shipping details...

=> U.S. shipments, the delivery zip code is sufficient to process freight pricing. 

=> International shipments, please include full delivery address as well as closest air or seaport.

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